Welcome to The Agent Back Office

  • Notes/Communication

Remember that you have the ability to enter notes that will interface with our administration system.  Once you open a member’s screen you will see the heading above the member details to enter your notes.   From here you can choose a category that relates to the topic and then enter your note.  This is a great tool to keep the communication between the agent and the service representatives up to date.

  • New Member Customer Care Suggestion

When signing up a new member it is important to tell them that prior to their first Doctor’s Appointment to call Customer Care to ensure that their Physician is In-Network to obtain the re-pricing benefit.

  • Uploading Voice Recordings

(Applicable only for Call Center Sales) All voice recordings must be uploaded within 48 hours after verification.  Please make sure that when you upload the voice recordings that you use internet explorer.  You will not be able to upload if you use anything else such as Firefox.